Mill Hill, Bugle, Large, 92014, Black


Mill Hill, Bugle, Large, 92014, Black

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Mill Hill bugle beads are cylindrical beads. All beads in this listing are size 11/0. Available in three lengths:
Small: 100 per package; 3.10 grams; and 6 mm long
Medium: 60 per package; 2.70 grams; and 9 mm long
Large: 25 per package; 2.25 grams; and 15 mm long.

These are used for cross-stitch, embroidery, and similar crafts. Mill Hill beads are known for their high quality, consistency, and wide range of colors.

# Colors may be affected by bleach or detergent over time.
* Colors may be affected by excessive friction. It is recommended these beads be sprayed with Krylon Acrylic Crystal clear spray if used for jewelry.
~ Colors may fade by sun.

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