La Espiga #9, 02, Amarillo Bebe, Baby Yellow


La Espiga #9, 02, Amarillo Bebe, Baby Yellow

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La Espiga Nylon thread is a versatile thread for crocheting, knitting, and many other crafts. It is 100% nylon and has a great shine. It does not stretch, keeps its shape, and is heavy and strong, which makes it great for bags.

La Espiga Nylon #9 is 7 ounces, 339 yards per roll.

Recommended hook C/D.


Nylon thread items can be washed and dried just like any normal garment. If shaping is necessary, remove from drier while still damp, shape, and let air dry.

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Weight 7.7 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in


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