Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Crazy Yarn, Sport


Stonehedge Fiber Mill, Crazy Yarn, Sport

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We found a store with CRAZY in their inventory.  Please contact:
Conversational Threads
337 Chestnut St.
Emmaus, PA 18049


  1. Crazy is exempt from all discount codes. If a code is accepted, we will reduce the quantity of the order to last skein at full asking price.
  2. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Madison County Humane Society in Anderson, Indiana to provide support for Fred and other critters who need a healthy and stable forever home.

We have a large collection of Shepherd’s Wool Sport Weight.  If you are looking for solids to compliment Crazy, this is your best option.



We are not sure about Fred’s origins. We believe Fred spent a little bit of time in a household. Something happened and Fred was placed out on the street to fend for himself. With the help of our neighbor, Fred learned to start trusting humans again. As a reward for placing his trust in humans, our neighbor had Fred’s family jewels surgically removed. How rude!!! Shortly afterwards, Fred was hungry and took advantage of raw hamburgers left unattended on the patio table. On the streets, Fred was a leader/supporter of other stray cats. He would show them which houses had “suckers” and those who provided better food. Over the next year, Fred really wanted to become an indoor kitty. We brought him inside this winter to train him for indoor life as a “foster” kitty. He had no problems with the other five indoor cats. The problem is I am responsible for six cats, the yarn store, and Lucy. Just one litter box too many to handle. The five residents with furry tummies pretty much took the lead. A tough decision had to be made. Lucy was permitted to stay in the household because she didn’t mark her territory. (Let’s see if that last statement survives Lucy’s editing.) Madison County Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter. They have a cat house which will allow Fred the comfort of indoors and easy accessibility to an enclosed porch when he wants to go outside. When an opening in our household becomes available, it is our intent to bring him back as a resident “foster” kitty until he can find a forever home. Fred is great with other cats (some exceptions apply). However, he can be a jerk toward dogs with attitudes. He is good with kids. He loves being the center of attention. The orange dude wants to be a lap kitty. Fred will want to be an indoor/outdoor kitty. That will change if you have a king-size pillow top mattress with a bountiful mattress pad, plush blankets, and a poofy comforter. If you know of someone that can provide him with a good-stable home, please contact the shelter. For transportation, there are groups that organize “Kittenball Runs” to get the kitty to his forever home. (Charles)

The following is Fred’s page on Petfinder.

Cat for adoption – Fred, a Domestic Short Hair in Anderson, IN | Petfinder

We try to help the local strays in the hope to get them into their forever homes to be worshipped and pampered.  Please check our Facebook page for updates.  Currently, the two most promising strays are Slappy and Jr.

Slappy can be found at the shop overnight.  He earned his name by slapping us when we were not fast enough to give him food or if we were petting him in the wrong location.  The slapping behavior has diminished.  He doesn’t have any quarrel with telling humans to talk to the paw.  Slappy is showing a new form of affection toward humans–love bites.  This is where a cat will gently graze the teeth on another to create a scent mark.  If you haven’t experienced this before, it can be a little alarming.  This is one occasion that requires the human to be taught the ways of a higher being.   Slappy is male with white with orange batches.

Jr recently started showing up at our residence in early April.  He is a dilute orange tabby younger male.  He is very vocal.  He has no problem yelling for us to feed him.  We think there is a possibility Jr might be one of Fred’s kittens.  His voice and mannerisms are very similar to Fred.  We started to train Jr to be trusting of humans.  There is a major problem.  Jr has a major wound on his back right leg.  He needs to go to a shelter much sooner than later for medical attention.  Madison County Humane Shelter will welcome him.  Jr has is not yet ready for adoption or interaction with humans on a regular basis.  (6/20/22)

UPDATE on Jr.  (10/17/22)  In June, we took Jr to the Anderson Protection League since the other shelter was full.  Jr’s leg was not healing and needed care beyond what we could provide.  APL renamed Jr to Finnegan.  We were told he is doing well.  He just needs a forever home.  The following is a link to his page.

Animal Details (


These great skeins of yarn are of all different colors. They are made from the Shepherd’s Wool colors and are 100% wool. No two skeins are the same, which is why they are so fun. OH MY!

Fibers: 100% Fine Wool
2-Ply Sport
230 yds/210 meters
Approximately 2.5 oz/70 grams
Hand wash. Do not agitate.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in


Fiber Content

Yarn Weight


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