HiKoo, Abracadabra, Color Changing Yarn, Purple


Abracadabra, UV Color Changing Yarn

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Abracadabra by HiKoo has to be seen to be believed! It’s a Merino/polypropylene/nylon blend yarn that’s white under indoor light, but turns purple, pink, blue, or yellow in sunlight! The speed of the reaction and the depth of the color depends on the amount of ultraviolet light present; through window glass the yarn will take on a pastel hue, but if you walk into bright sunlight from indoors it’ll take on its full color in just a couple of seconds. It would be great as a trim on a hat and scarf set, or combine all three colors to make stealthy stripes!

DISCONTINUE NOTICE: We were informed by our vendor they are discontinuing this line (again). Blue has been sold out. We still have limited access to the other colors.

NOTICE: ARRIVED/COMING SOON! We are in the process of creating our own line of UV-color changing yarns/threads and TEMPERATURE color changing yarns/threads. The threads arrived. Look for our Phoenix line. Threads are 150/2 D (50 wt). Great for plying, braiding, and cording. (2/6/20).

Presto the Poodle (photo) pattern is available for free.  Please message us.

Each 50-gram skein is 100 yards, and is machine washable in cold water. Tumble dry on low heat, do not iron or steam.

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