Kraemer Yarns

At the beginning was Kraemer Hosiery Mills, spinning & creating the most sought after silk stockings made in America.

Time marches on and Kraemer Textiles diversified into carpet, upholstery & industrial yarns becoming one of the premier spinners of American made carpet yarns for companies like Burlington & Mohawk in the 60’s & 70’s. The business continued to diversify developing yarns in areas like paper production machinery, rope yarns and military contracts to name a few. Our mill’s ability to spin novelty yarns for which few other mills in the country had the production capabilities, brought us into the apparel industry. We have worked for “celebrity designers” and well known labels to create traditional & current fashion looks and with the likes of L.L. Bean and Remington developing demanding, hard working outdoor yarns for sweaters, hats, gloves & socks. Kraemer Yarns proudly walked in the opening ceremonies at the winter games of 2014 in the hats & sweaters of our United States Olympic athletes!

Noticing the unique “twist” in our commercial garment yarns brought hand knitting yarn companies to our door looking to source high quality “maker” yarns & roving. After quite a few years creating & producing yarns for other companies our company president, David Schmidt, decided to branch out & offer our yarns to individual fiber artists through local & regional yarn stores. Kraemer Yarns was born.

Establishing Kraemer Yarns also solidified our commitment to continue to develop new yarns & fiber blends offering more choices when our loyal shops and customers look to create their next traditional, timeless or fashion forward piece. Hand dying became more popular & more successful as a separate piece of our “maker” industry and dyers love our “naturals” selection. Kraemer Yarns roving is especially popular with spinners for the color selection & high level of consistency we offer. A yarn shop on our premises has given us the ability to have a wealth of fiber artists of all skill levels & abilities working with and testing yarns as they are in development.

Now we are firmly moving forward with trends & technology by offering our yarns & patterns, kits & roving direct to all fiber artists everywhere. After all, aren’t we all in the same neighborhood? Please enjoy our newly established user friendly website. Kraemer Yarns/Kraemer Textiles continues innovation & growth in industrial/commercial areas and for fiber artists’ delights.

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Showing 1–36 of 223 results