FedEx Small Business Grant Contest: 2021

We need your help in trying to secure a small business grant up to $50,000 from FedEx. The first portion of the contest is partially a popularity contest. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows the contest’s judges that one is capable of generating a “buzz” about the business. It shows that one can market the business. This is important. Owning a business is just a starting point…marketing and promotion is necessary to show it is sustainable. Please vote for us daily (March 10th through the 24th) at the following address and encourage your friends, family, and acquaintances to do the same.

Copper Centaur Studios started in 2013 as a home-based knitting and cross-stitch business. Since that time, we have acquired a physical store and had much success through the fiber arts festival circuits and on the internet. We started with Etsy for online sales. Our store has been showing steady and consistent growth. In the past year, we have built our own website. In eight months, our virtual store is out-performing seven years of being established on Etsy. The online store expands our reach across the globe. Our furthest shipment was to Bahrain. The best part of internet sales is meeting wonderful people across the planet.

In our previous attempt to win the contest, we mentioned that we will use the money to help develop the area. We have acquired some of the abandoned properties next to our store. Over the past several years, we have hauled out nearly twenty trailer loads of debris to clean the landscape. We are in process of tearing down the vacant building next door. Green space is needed. The area is improving and looking more attractive.

With our physical store, it has grown to the point where we need to expand to house the inventory. We have the area’s largest assortment of knitting/crochet and cross-stitch supplies. The funding will help us expand and help with improving the building such as replacing the roof and maybe purchasing the last percentage of the building back from Tole’s Flowers.

In 2000, Lucy had a dream of owning her own cross-stitch and yarn store. During the following years (2001-04), we encountered a large number of extreme challenges/obstacles. Lucy had complete kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and other serious life-threatening complications. Top priority was given to recovering her health. In December 2008, she received a kidney transplant. That little kidney gave Lucy back her independence. Lucy would no longer be tied to the routine of peritoneal dialysis. It would take another five years before she entertained the idea of starting her the business.