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Any fish fans out there?

A wall with a receptionist window.
Originally the reception area.

The official signing of paperwork for our building was on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and was the first time we actually met the doctor from whom we were purchasing it. (He lives in Florida now, and was able to combine a trip for the holiday with the signing and final clean-out of the building.)

One of the things that stood out to us during our initial visit to the building in September was the very large mounted fish in one of the exam rooms. “I assume that’s not included,” I half-joked at the time, not really a fan of dead animals.

a large fish skin mounted on a plaque
A very large mounted northern pike.

“So the fish is going home with you?” I asked the doctor at the signing.

“Oh, there’s no place for it in our villa,” Mrs. Doctor quickly replied. You’d almost think she didn’t want it in the house.

So we are now the proud owners of a northern pike, somewhere above three feet long, mounted in Winnipeg, Manitoba by a taxidermist that’s still in business. I suppose it could theoretically become the beloved mascot of the shop, with a silly name, but I’d rather it didn’t. Anyone want a fish?

A long room with a counter
Formerly frames; now notions.
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