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Our recently-finished Multnomah shawl was very popular at our booth at both the Fiber Event at Greencastle and the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival; its bright color drew people in to touch it.

An orange knit shawl
Multnomah shawl

It’s a great pattern for a beginner, using one skein of fingering-weight yarn and only knit, purl, knit two together, and yarn over but producing a beautiful result. It’s also free from Hello Knitty (the designer’s website) or Ravelry.

Feather and fan and garter stitch
Detail shot of Multnomah

This one was knit from Mallibou, our Merino-bamboo blend, in the Creamsicle colorway. It only took 85% of the skein, meaning there was at least one more lace repeat worth left.

Feather and fan in orange yarn
Feather and fan
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To Pool or Not to Pool


Some people love it and some people hate it. Some people mathematically plan their projects to take advantage of it or avoid it.

And so a question that’s commonly asked at yarn shops and fiber festivals, especially of dyers, is “How does this knit up?” Shop samples to the rescue!

A Faroese-influenced shawl in purple, green, and white.
A Gulf Breezes shawl knit in the Mr. J colorway.

This is the Gulf Breezes shawl from Tabitha’s Heart Designs in our Mr. J colorway, though any of our three-colorways (such as Blue & Green or Alice) will work up similarly; there’s minimal pooling, just a few places where the colors happened to align as the rows got longer.

A pair of socks in purple, green, and white.
Socks knit in the Mr. J colorway

Here’s the same colorway in a pair of socks (approximately a women’s US size 7 1/2); due to the size of the socks the colors produced thin stripes about two and a half rows wide. The Sweet Tomato heel makes an interesting cat’s eye shape as you do the short rows.

Two square knit swatches in purple, green, and white.
Two small swatches in the Mr. J colorway.

Last but not least is a pair of small square swatches knit up for a machine-washing/-drying experiment, the results of which are a post for another day. Just due to their size, the colors aligned apparently randomly.

So in these situations, three-color colorways don’t pool, but as always, your mileage (and yardage) may vary.

And if you’re in the Akron, Ohio area at the end of March, we’ll be at the Mineral City Volunteer Fire Department craft fair on Saturday, March 28.