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Our online store is a work in progress and contains over 11,000 listed items, with new products added frequently.  Use the product search feature (the box at the top right that says “Search products…” on a computer, or the magnifying glass icon at the bottom on a mobile device) or the Product Category drop-down menu.  Our “Shop” button is located in the top bar if you’re on a computer, and in the side menu that appears when you tap “Menu” on a mobile device.  Or click on the “shop now” button below!

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Copper Centaur Studios
619 Nichol Ave
Anderson, IN 46016
centaur @ coppercentaur .com (remove spaces if copying and pasting)

We offer in-store shopping, online or phone ordering, curbside pick-up, delivery via United States mail, UPS, FedEx, and local delivery.

Sunday:  Closed
Monday:  Closed
Tuesday:  11 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday:  10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday:  11 AM to 8 PM
Friday:  10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday:  10 AM to 4 PM

You can also find us on Facebook and Ravelry.

Shipping:  We can ship most products worldwide; if the website says it can’t ship to you, contact us and we can get it set up for you.  Import taxes and VAT are the responsibility of the customer.  Bob Ross paints can only be shipped to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Warranties:  We honor manufacturers’ warranties.  Please contact us for specific information and procedures.

Returns and Shipping Issues:  Please see our Returns page.

Languages:  English is our primary language.  We have basic skills for German, French, and Spanish.  Written communication is easier.  For spoken words, please speak slowly and use simple language.  We will do our best to learn.

Products and brands we currently carry include:

Addi: FlexiFlips
Ashford: Looms, Spinning Wheels, Felting Kits, Felting Tools, and Roving
Beadalon: Friendship bracelets, Bead Spinners, Bead Wire
Bob Ross: paints, brushes, and supplies
Caron Collection: Antica, Water Lilies (Waterlilies)
Cascade Yarns:  Baby Alpaca, 220 Superwash, 220 Superwash Waves, Merino 220, Rebound (Recycled) Cotton
ChiaoGoo: needles and Tunisian hooks
Clover: needles, hooks, and notions
Cross-stitch kits and patterns:  Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks, Bent Creek, Bothy Threads, Bucilla, Chatelaine, Cotton Garden Samplings, Cricket Collection, Design Works Crafts, Dimensions, Fireside Originals, Glendon Place, Good Natured Girls, Heritage Crafts, Hinzeit, Ingleside Imaginarium, Ink Circles, Jack Dempsey, Jim Shore, Just Cross Stitch, Lavender and Lace, Lanarte, Leisure Art, Long Dog Samplers, Mill Hill, Mirabilia Designs, Nora Corbett, Omega Punto de Cruz, Primrose Cottage, Riolis, Ronnie Rowe Designs, Rosewood Manor, Scattered Seed Samplers, ScissorTail Designs, Silver Creek Samplers, Stoney Creek, Sweet Wing Studio, Tiny Modernist, The Posy Collection, White Willow Stitching, Vervaco
Cross-stitch supplies: Caron Collection, DMC floss, Glissen Gloss, Mill Hill, Omega Vela, Rainbow Gallery
Darning Needles:
Clover, LoRan
Design Works Crafts: Punch Needle, Felt Kits, Beaded Ornaments, Cross Stitch
Diamond Dotz:
Embroidery Floss, Color Variations, Mouline Etoile, Perle Cotton #5, Light Effects
Felting fiber: Ashford, Wistyria Editions, Kraemer, Tunis
Fly Tying: Kreelax, Kreinik, Flash in a Tube, Piping, Books, Furling Tool, Corder
Frank Edmunds: Embroidery and Quilting Hoops
Glissen Gloss: Colorwash, Rainbow Blending Thread
Hannah Silks:
HiKoo: Abracadabra, Rub a Dub, KoBaSi
Hilos Omega: 
La Espiga, Sinfonia, Petunia, Soya Pradera, Siroco, Panda Bambu, Eulali, Nazca Alpaca, Crochet Cotton, Karen, Bebe, Teddy, Mimosa, Crochet cotton #5 and #10, Dolly, Perle Cotton #5.
Lion Brand Yarns:  Chunky Knit Yarn (Blankets or Pillows), DIY Glow in the Dark, Hometown, Ice Cream, Landscapes, Moroccan Nights
Locker Hook (Knooking Needle): KA, Lacis, John James
Knitter’s Pride: needles, hooks, and notions (Karbonz, Dreamz, Cubics, SmartStix, Marblz, Nova Platina, Ginger, Basix)
Kraemer Yarns: Perfection, Perfection Lights, Brushed Acrylic, Tatamy, DK, Super Bulky, Sport, Tweed
Metallic braid #4, #8, #12, #16, #32, Blending Filament, Balger, Japan thread, #16 Wire (Memory), Cord, Twist, 3/8″ Trim with Wire, Cable, Ombre, Pallillettes, Reflective, Micro Ice Chenille, Cord, Twist, and Silk Mori
Mill Hill Beads/Treasures:
15/0, 12/0, 11/0, 8/0, 6/0, 3/0, Bugles, Treasures, Magnifica
Uni sock yarn
Planet Earth Fiber: Silk
Quilled Creations:  Quilling kits and tools
Rainbow Gallery: Arctic Gold, Fuzzy, Nordic Gold, Silk Lame, Splendor, Treasure Braid Petite, Wisper, Very Velvet
Red Heart:
Reflective, Unforgettable, Super Saver, With Love, Heat Wave, Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton, Heads Up
Sewing Needles: 
Bohin, Colonial Needle Company, DMC, Dritz, James John
Scheepjes: Calista, Catona, Soft Fun
Schoppel: Edition 3, Zauberball Crazy
Spinning fiber:
Stonehedge Fiber Mill: Shepherd’s Wool worsted, Shepherd’s Wool fingering weight, Sport weight, and Crazy
Stoney Creek: Cross Stitch Patterns, Fabric, Buttons, Creeks Colours Floss
String Art: Hampton Art, Pretty Twisted
Susan Bates: Notions
The Gentle Art: Sampler Threads, Shaker Threads
Viking Garn: Reflex
Weeks Dye Works: 6-strand
YLI: Threads and Floss

and of course our own hand-dyed yarn (Merino, silk, Bluefaced Leicester, yak, cotton).

There is limited street parking in front of our building, and additional parking behind it (the east back door is open during business hours).

10 thoughts on “Home: Information

  1. The site was coming and going like Brigadoon–checked with the site host and found the problem. It should be fixed now!

  2. I LOVE the Kraemer Perfection Lights Copper! BEAUTIFUL yarn! Your website however doesn’t seem to be working properly. I tried to search for more yarns but nothing will pull up. Hope you get it fixed soon. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Melinda. I greatly appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. With the two of us and close to 7,000 pages, extra eyes checking the website for errors is extremely helpful. The site’s search engine requires correct spelling. With your issue, the system liked “Perfection Lights Copper” but the inclusion of Kraemer was not. I added “Kraemer Yarns” to the title. This appears to have fixed the problem. The other item that is tricky is the apostrophe in Shepherd’s Wool. Without it, the search brings up zero results. *shrug* Happy knitting(?). Charles

  3. Hi! <3 I would love the option of creating a wishlist, if that's something that's supported by this webhost. Sometimes I like to prep my items that I'll need to order for future projects but I'm not ready to go ahead and purchase them. No problem if that's not something that's an option!

    1. Hi Sydney! We’ve browsed around wishlist plugins before; I browsed around again just now and found a couple that look promising. I’ll put this on my to-do list for Saturday and let you know how it goes. :)

      Centaur in Chief

    2. It’s installed, give it a try and let us know what you think!

  4. I absolutely love this store. I make tiny doll clothes, etc., and she has had about everything I have needed with such a great selection! I can not buy enough! Always with super fast shipping, well packaged. Let us not forget about the super friendly service! I will always check here first and will be a loyal and repeat customer.

  5. You have a thread I have been searching for for a couple of years now. I was so excited to have finally found it and ordered immeadiately. Thank you, now I can finally work on an embroidery I have been planning in my head for years. Another project for my bucket list… .

    1. Hi Michele, we’re so glad we could help you out!

  6. Love your availability of products, prices and fast service. Will be using you often.

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